Four Months After Harvey - Eviction

This account is told by Jennifer Herrera, NAM's Relief Project Director. The event occurred Wednesday, December 13, 2017.

"It was 53 degrees and after 5pm.  Our offices were closing shop and the temperatures were dropping  with the sunset.

As we were leaving the office, we encountered a young mother with three small children standing in our lobby at Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM). She wore a look of despair and heartache.  A young man was unpacking the last of her belongings in black trash bags into our lobby.  She had been displaced after Hurricane Harvey and was staying in a local hotel.

After losing her job because of transportation issues and trying to manage three small children, she was dropped on our doorstep, after hours with no resources. 

While NAM offers so many services to our community, we rely on our partnership with local shelters for over night accommodations. We offer appointments for people needing assessments and assistance with housing.  But on this cold night, we knew that we must offer some temporary warmth
to this family in need.  She was greeted with a warm smile and as she explained her situation, we accompanied her and her children upstairs to our 4th floor.  

Our after hours receptionist helped provide mom with the paperwork needed to get assistance.  The children were so excited to get new colors and coloring books while mom filled out our application.

NAM has spent years building relationships with local businesses and it only took a phone call to secure a safe night’s stay in a local hotel.  She was given bus passes to ensure she could return to NAM for her assessment and intake appointment.  Warm clothes and food would be waiting for her.  As we waited outside the building for her Uber driver to pick her up and take her and her family to a hotel, our NAM volunteers surprised the children with a large bag of toys collected from our toy drive.  The look of gratitude and love in their faces was worth a million “thank yous” and the previous look of despair was replaced with a loving smile of hope.  We know that this is just the beginning of a long journey for her and her family but on this chilly night, it was another example of the warmth and love we share at NAM."

A heartfelt thank you to a generous community who supports NAM to allow us to be there before, during and after the storms of life. 

Carole Little    


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